Catalog of Galactic β Cephei Stars

  title={Catalog of Galactic $\beta$ Cephei Stars},
  author={Anamarija Stankov and Gerald Handler},
  journal={Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series},
We present an extensive and up-to-date catalog of Galactic β Cephei stars. This catalog is intended to give a comprehensive overview of observational characteristics of all known β Cephei stars, covering information until 2004 June. Ninety-three stars could be confirmed to be β Cephei stars. We use data from more than 250 papers published over the last nearly 100 years, and we provide over 45 notes on individual stars. For some stars we reanalyzed published data or conducted our own analyses… Expand
New Beta Cephei Stars from the KELT Project
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uvbyβ photometry of early type open cluster and field stars
Context. The β Cephei stars and slowly pulsating B (SPB) stars are massive main sequence variables. The strength of their pulsational driving strongly depends on the opacity of iron-group elements.Expand
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Mapping the β Cephei instability strip: photometric variability of stars in the central part of the Cygnus OB2 association
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