Cat gastrinoma and the sequence of cat gastrins.

  title={Cat gastrinoma and the sequence of cat gastrins.},
  author={John Eng and B. H. Du and George F. Johnson and S Kanakamedala and Shanti K. Samuel and Jean Pierre Raufman and Eugene Straus},
  journal={Regulatory peptides},
  volume={37 1},
Following the curative resection of a pancreatic gastrinoma in a cat, gastrin peptides were purified from the tissue and sequenced. The sequence of cat gastrinoma G17 (18-34) confirms the previously published sequence. The sequence of cat G34 (1-34) is reported for the first time. The NH2-terminal portion of cat G34 differs from that of dog by having a Q (Gln) for L (Leu) at position 10 from the NH2-terminus. 

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