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Catálogo de los recursos pesqueros continentales de Colombia

  title={Cat{\'a}logo de los recursos pesqueros continentales de Colombia},
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Population genetics of the fish Brycon henni (Characiformes: Bryconidae) using species-specific polymorphic microsatellite loci
This study developed the first set of microsatellite loci that allowed the detection of genetic structure at local and regional scales and revealed that B. henni exhibits genetic diversity and is evenly genetically structured between two tributaries of the Cauca River separated by only 30 km.
Microsatellite loci development and population genetics in Neotropical fish Curimata mivartii (Characiformes: Curimatidae)
This study developed a set of microsatellite loci and studied the population genetics of C. mivartii in the lower section of the Colombian Magdalena-Cauca basin and showed high levels of genetic diversity and evidence of gene flow even between locations separated over 350 km.
Fish as bioindicators: coal and mercury pollution in Colombia’s ecosystems
This review analyzes national information levels on coal and Hg in island/coastal/marine as well as freshwater ecosystems and human groups using fishery resources as a framework because fish are the main source of animal protein in marine coastal-island and mainland communities.
Distribución espacial y temporal de tallas de captura de Zungaro zungaro en la Orinoquia colombiana
Objetive. To determine the effect of fishing on capture size of both male and female Zungaro zungaro catfish, historical records of size and spatial distribution of the species were analyzed from the
Fishes of the Mitú Region: middle basin of the río Vaupés, Colombian Amazon
Abstract: The Amazon River basin hosts the most diverse freshwater ichthyofauna in the world, and yet huge areas of the basin remain unexplored. This is the case for the upper tributaries of the rio
A comparison of microplastic contamination in freshwater fish from natural and farmed sources
It is suggested that the incidence and type of MPs varies in farmed verses natural fish sources as well as across different tissue types, with significantly less detected within the edible flesh tissues compared with stomach and gill tissues.
The reproductive biology of the Bocachico, Prochilodusmagdalenae,in the San Jorge River, Colombia, was studied. The species is a fish with sexual proportion female: male of 1.2:1, different than
Desempeño de Capitán de la Sabana (Eremophilus mutisii) en estadios tempranos de desarrollo
This species has a high degree of acceptance when feeding with artemia cysts from 11 Day post-hatching (DPE) and later to artificial food from 47 DPE, and becomes a contribution to the obtaining and identification of mechanisms and strategies that promote the use and conservation of E. mutisii in captivity.
Population genetics of the freshwater fish Prochilodus magdalenae (Characiformes: Prochilodontidae), using species-specific microsatellite loci
This study provides molecular tools and a wide framework regarding the genetic diversity and structure of P. magdalenae, which is crucial to complement its baseline information, diagnosis and monitoring of populations, and to support the implementation of adequate regulation, management, and conservation policies.
Two new species of Pseudopimelodus Bleeker, 1858 (Siluriformes: Pseudopimelodidae) from the Magdalena Basin, Colombia
A phylogenetic analysis using a fragment of the Cytochrome C Oxidase subunit 1 gene (COI) and analyzed osteological and traditional morphometric characters provided strong support for two clades phylogenetically related to Pseudopimelodus, that showed clear-cut molecular, osteological, and morphometric differences from previously described bumblebee catfishes.