Castrating the Female Advantage

  title={Castrating the Female Advantage},
  author={Joyce K. Fletcher},
  journal={Journal of Management Inquiry},
  pages={74 - 82}
This essay is a critique of the `female advantage" as it is currently represented in the management science literature. It draws on recent work in women's psychology to detail the essence of feminine, relational strengths, contrasts this with the instrumental representation of these strengths in the management literature, and names what is missing. It is a critique that suggests that management's diminished portrayal of feminine strengths is in danger of silencing rather than legitimizing women… Expand
Qualities that are culturally associated with females are appearing in descriptions of managerial work in the texts of contemporary writers, and these texts function as carriers of a feminine ethosExpand
Feminist Theory
T he appearance of the first Handbook chapter on feminist theory is surely a sign of significant growth: the rise of feminism as an important intellectual force in the field, a thriving body ofExpand
The Greatly Exaggerated Demise of Heroic Leadership : Gender , Power , and the Myth of the Female Advantage
  • 2002
New models of leadership recognize that workplace effectiveness depends less on individual, heroic action and more on collaborative practices distributed throughout an organization. The belief thatExpand
The transformational leader: who is (s)he? A feminist perspective
As women increasingly enter leadership roles that traditionally have been occupied by men, and with the increasing diffusion of transformational leadership theory, there is growing interest in theExpand
Postfeminism, Femininities and Organization Studies: Exploring a New Agenda
The purpose of this article is to mobilize postfeminism as a critical concept for exploring women’s contemporary organizational experience. Specifically, it is argued that rather than interpretingExpand
The Frontier Cowboy Myth and Entrepreneurialism in the Culture of the Alberta Oil Industry - Professional Women's Coping Strategies: An Interpretive Study of Women's Experience
This dissertation advances the claim that the most durable barriers to women in the workplace are largely symbolic and embedded in the gendered cultures of organizations. It argues that the hegemonicExpand
A Gendered Perspective on Organizational Creation
Literature on the creation of organizations is often cast within a masculine gender framework. This paper draws from three theoretical perspectives to develop a new perspective that broadens the viewExpand
The Racial Foundation of Organizational Communication
Scholars of organizational communication have begun to focus diligently on organization as gendered, yet we continue to neglect the ways in which it is fundamentally raced. With this article, we seekExpand
Gender and Women's Experience at Work: A Critical and Feminist Perspective on Human Resource Development
This study draws on critical and fenminist scholarship on the sociology of work- and gender relations in an exploration of women's workplace learning through human resource development initiatives.Expand
Re-casting shakespeare: gendered performances and performativity of leadership
The executive development courses offered jointly by the Praxis Centre of Cranfield University's School of Management and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in the summer of 1999 and 2000 were the impulseExpand


The Psychology of Women and Conservatism: Rediscovering Social Change
Although one goal of the psychology of women has been to enhance the status of women through social change, this goal has seldom been realized. Theory and research in the psychology of women haveExpand
The Politics of Emotion: A Feminist Reading of Bounded Rationality
A poststructuralist feminist reading of Herbert Simon's construct, bounded rationality, is prevented in this article. Following from this notion. It is maintained that even though bounded rationalityExpand
Communication and Power in Organizations: Discourse, Ideology, and Domination
The book's last chapter pursues a nonrational view of planning rooted in psychodynamics. Drawing from work on autocommunication, Broms and Gahmberg treat plans as forms of intrapersonalExpand
Bringing Women's Voice to Research on Women in Management
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Feminist practice and poststructuralist theory
Acknowledgements. Preface to the Second Edition. 1. Feminism and Theory. 2. Principles of Poststructuralism. 3. Feminist Poststructuralism and Psychoanalysis. 4. Language and Subjectivity. 5.Expand
Ways women lead.
  • J. B. Rosener
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • Harvard business review
  • 1990
Women managers are succeeding not by adopting the traditional command-and-control leadership style but by drawing on what is unique to their experience as women. According to a study the authorExpand
Toward a new psychology of women
In this revised second edition, Dr Jean Baker Miller expands on her reflections on women and their future in the world. In particular, she supplies a commentary on the developments and changesExpand
Dimensions of need for power: Personalized vs. socialized power in female and male managers
Sex differences in two dimensions of need for Power—Socialized Power (s Pwr) and Personalized Power (p Pwr)—were examined for a sample of 124 managerial women and men. Correlations with jobExpand
Developing “Complicated” Understanding in Administrators
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The Education of Women as Philosophers
It is unfortunate that, for reasons of personal and cultural habit, when we think about ourselves as askers of questions, thinkers, or, using the generic title, as philosophers, lovers of wisdom, weExpand