Castor oil as a platform for preparing bio-based chemicals and polymer materials

  title={Castor oil as a platform for preparing bio-based chemicals and polymer materials},
  author={Yufeng Ma and Rui Wang and Qiaoguang Li and Mei Li and Cheng-Hwa Liu and Puyou Jia},
  journal={Green Materials},
Recent years have seen rapid growth in utilizing vegetable oils to derive a wide variety of bio-based chemicals and polymer materials to replace petroleum-based chemicals and polymer materials for ... 
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Polymers and Composites Derived from Castor Oil as Sustainable Materials and Degradable Biomaterials: Current Status and Emerging Trends.

This review highlights the development of CO-based polymers and their composites with attractive properties for industrial and biomedical applications.

Use of castor oil in the preparation of various oil-based binders

Styrenated oil, urethane oil, and oil modified alkyd resin were prepared by using castor oil in a different way. For this purpose, castor oil was initially subjected to an interesterification

Polyurethane Foams Based on Biopolyols from Castor Oil and Glycerol

In this work, the synthesis of biopolyols derived from castor oil and different glycerols was performed by chemical glycerolysis with sodium hydroxide as catalyst at 225 °C. The biopolyol obtained

Diethanolamides of Castor Oil as Polyols for the Development of Water-Blown Polyurethane Foam

Castor oil was chemically modified into a diethanolamide by a two step process. The first step was the hydroxylation of double bonds in castor oil and second step was the transamidation using

Polyurethanes from polyols obtained by ADMET polymerization of a castor oil‐based diene: Characterization and shape memory properties

The acyclic diene metathesis polymerization (ADMET) of 1,3-di-10-undecenoxy-2-propanol, a castor oil based diene, is reported. 10-Undecenol was used as renewable comonomer to end-cap polymer chains

Diester based on castor oil fatty acid as plasticizer for poly(vinyl chloride)

Castor oil is a renewable resource that has potential uses as an environmental friendly material for a range of applications. In recent years, much efforts have been driven to develop alternate