Casting Judith The Construction of Role Patterns in the Book of Judith

  title={Casting Judith The Construction of Role Patterns in the Book of Judith},
  author={Hermann Lichtenberger and Ulrike Mittmann-Richert and F. Reiterer and P. Beentjes and N. Calduch-Benages and Benjamin G. Wright},
“Who can despise these people, who have women like this among them?” (Jdt 10 :19). This is the question the soldiers in the Assyrian army pose when they meet Judith. They are so overwhelmed by her appearance that the whole camp is gripped with excitement (Jdt 10 :18). “And they marveled at her beauty and because of her marveled at the Israelites” (Jdt 10 :19). They are so fascinated by her beauty that they are not only astonished (eÆûay mazon), but experience Judith’s appearance as an epiphany… Expand
Judith’s Path from Grief to Joy – from Sackcloth to Festive Attire
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Judit - über Schönheit, Macht und Widerstand im Krieg : eine feministisch-intertextuelle Lektüre
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The Original Language and Historical Milieu of the Book of Judith
  • University of Haifa,
  • 2007
Female Moses: Judith 7–13 in the Light of Exodus 17; Numbers 20 and Deuteronomy
  • in: DIJK-HEMMES,
  • 1994