Caste, Religion and Dialect Differentiation in the Konkani Area

  title={Caste, Religion and Dialect Differentiation in the Konkani Area},
  author={Rocky V. Miranda},

Chapter 8. Diachrony and morphological equilibrium

Scripts, regions and states of the Konkani language in independent India

ABSTRACT The linguistic pluralism with its democratic enunciation has remained internal to the political processes of state formation in independent India. Konkani language acquires a distinctive

Script and identity – the politics of writing in South Asia: an introduction

ABSTRACT This essay gives an overview of the complex relationships between language, script, and identity in various speech communities across South Asia. South Asia hosts a great number of

Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu

Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu Brad B. Miller Department of Linguistics and English Language, BYU Master of Arts Among sociological studies in South Asia,

Konkani and “Goan Identity” in Post-colonial Goa, India

Goa is a small state situated almost at the centre of the west coast of the subcontinent, between Maharashtra and Karnataka. The Portuguese used to rule the area and called it Goa Dourada (Golden

Bilingualism in South Asia (India): National/Regional Profiles And Verbal Repertoires

  • K. Sridhar
  • Linguistics
    Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
  • 1985
Anyone who undertakes to do an overview of so large an area as studies on “the South Asian bilingual's verbal repertoire and the functional allocation of languages” within so small a space as

Power and Solidarity: Clientage in Domestic Service [and Comments and Reply]

This study investigates a role-specific vertical solidarity in South India, where urban Christian households employ rural Christians as domestics. The mistress-servant bond is characterized by the



The Goa Inquisition

Konkani', in: Linguistic Survey of India

  • Vol. 7 (reprinted
  • 1905