Cassius Dio’s Forgotten History of Early Rome

  title={Cassius Dio’s Forgotten History of Early Rome},
  author={Christopher Burden-Strevens and Mads Ortving Lindholmer},
In a radical change of approach, Cassius Dio’s Forgotten History of Early Rome illuminates the least explored and understood part of Cassius Dio’s enormous Roman History: the first two decads, which span over half a millennium of history and constitute a quarter of Dio’s work. Combining literary and historiographical perspectives with source-criticism and textual analysis for the first time in the study of Dio’s early books, this collection of chapters demonstrates the integral place of ‘early… 

The Fall of Cassius Dio’s Roman Republic

Summary This article reinterprets Dio’s view of the fall of the Republic by arguing that Dio viewed institutional political competition, rather than ambitious individuals, as the central destructive

Cassius Dio’s Ideal Government and the Imperial Senate

This chapter argues that Dio envisioned a surprisingly minimalist role for the Senate in his ideal government: magistrates and advisors were drawn from the senators, but the emperor should hold


assius Dio was assuredly not an artist of the miniature. He is known for only one partially preserved work, but its scale and variety are formidable, intimidating, and often unappreciated in modern

Between Autopsy Reports and Historical Analysis: The Forces and Weaknesses of Cassius Dio's Roman History

Cassius Dio is often said to be most reliable when writing on the history of his own life-time, where he was able to follow Roman politics from the benches in the senate or as trusted member of