Cassini Radar Views the Surface of Titan

  title={Cassini Radar Views the Surface of Titan},
  author={C. Elachi and S. Wall and M. Allison and Y. Anderson and R. Boehmer and P. Callahan and P. Encrenaz and E. Flamini and G. Franceschetti and Y. Gim and G. Hamilton and S. Hensley and M. Janssen and W. Johnson and K. Kelleher and R. Kirk and R. Lopes and R. Lorenz and J. Lunine and D. Muhleman and S. Ostro and F. Paganelli and G. Picardi and F. Posa and L. Roth and R. Seu and S. Shaffer and L. Soderblom and B. Stiles and E. Stofan and S. Vetrella and R. West and C. Wood and L. Wye and H. Zebker},
  pages={970 - 974}
The Cassini Titan Radar Mapper imaged about 1% of Titan's surface at a resolution of ∼0.5 kilometer, and larger areas of the globe in lower resolution modes. The images reveal a complex surface, with areas of low relief and a variety of geologic features suggestive of dome-like volcanic constructs, flows, and sinuous channels. The surface appears to be young, with few impact craters. Scattering and dielectric properties are consistent with porous ice or organics. Dark patches in the radar… Expand

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