Caspases disrupt mitochondrial membrane barrier function.

  title={Caspases disrupt mitochondrial membrane barrier function.},
  author={Isabel Marzo and Santos A Susin and Patrice Xavier Petit and Luigi Ravagnan and Catherine Brenner and Nathanael Larochette and Naoufal Zamzami and Guido Kroemer},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={427 2},
Mitochondrial intermembrane proteins including cytochrome c are known to activate caspases. Accordingly, a disruption of the mitochondrial membrane barrier function with release of cytochrome into the cytosol has been shown to precede caspase activation in a number of different models of apoptosis. Here, we addressed the question of whether caspases themselves can affect mitochondrial membrane function. Recombinant caspases were added to purified mitochondria and were found to affect the… CONTINUE READING

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