Caspase-2 deficiency enhances aging-related traits in mice.

  title={Caspase-2 deficiency enhances aging-related traits in mice.},
  author={Yingpei Zhang and Susan S. Padalecki and Asish Ray Chaudhuri and Eric de Waal and Beth Ann Goins and Barry Grubbs and Yuji Ikeno and Arlan Richardson and Gregory R. Mundy and Brian Herman},
  journal={Mechanisms of ageing and development},
  volume={128 2},
Alteration of apoptotic activity has been observed in a number of tissues in aging mammals, but it remains unclear whether and/or how apoptosis may affect aging. Caspase-2 is a member of the cysteine protease family that plays a critical role in apoptosis. To understand the impact of compromised apoptosis function on mammalian aging, we conducted a comparative study on caspase-2 deficient mice and their wild-type littermates with a specific focus on the aging-related traits at advanced ages. We… CONTINUE READING