Caspase-2 activation is redundant during seizure-induced neuronal death.

  title={Caspase-2 activation is redundant during seizure-induced neuronal death.},
  author={David C. Henshall and Shana L. Skradski and David P Bonislawski and J Q Lan and Roger Simon},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={77 3},
Seizure-induced neuronal death may be under the control of the caspase family of cell death proteases. We examined the role of caspase-2 in a model of focally evoked limbic seizures with continuous EEG recording. Seizures were elicited by microinjection of kainic acid into the amygdala of the rat and terminated after 40 min by diazepam. Caspase-2 was constitutively present in brain, mostly within neurons, and was detected in both cytoplasm and nucleus. Cleaved caspase-2 (12 kDa) was detected… CONTINUE READING
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