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Casimir and short-range gravity tests

  title={Casimir and short-range gravity tests},
  author={Astrid Lambrecht and Serge Reynaud},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
Comparison with theory of Casimir force measurements are used to test the gravity force law at ranges from 0.1 to 10 micrometers. The interest of such tests depends crucially on the theoretical evaluation of the Casimir force in realistic experimental configurations. We present the scattering approach which is nowadays the best tool for such an evaluation. We then describe the current status of the comparisons between theory and experiments. 

Dark Matter Axions, Non-Newtonian Gravity and Constraints on Them from Recent Measurements of the Casimir Force in the Micrometer Separation Range

We consider axionlike particles as the most probable constituents of dark matter, the Yukawa-type corrections to Newton’s gravitational law and constraints on their parameters following from


Measurements of the Casimir force are used to obtain stronger constraints on the parameters of hypothetical interactions predicted in different unification schemes beyond the Standard Model. We

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The present state-of-the-art searches for screened scalars coupled to matter are summarized, and the current bounds on f(R) models that exhibit the chameleon mechanism are translated into a single parametrization to survey the state of the models.

Disformal theories of gravity: from the solar system to cosmology

This paper is concerned with theories of gravity that contain a scalar coupled both conformally and disformally to matter through the metric. By systematically deriving the non-relativistic limit, it

A compendium of chameleon constraints

The chameleon model is a scalar field theory with a screening mechanism that explains how a cosmologically relevant light scalar can avoid the constraints of intra-solar-system searches for

Multipolar scattering expansion for the Casimir effect in the sphere-plane geometry.

We evaluate the Casimir interaction between a sphere and a plane, at arbitrary temperature, accounting for imperfect reflection. This enables us to study the rich dependance of the Casimir effect on



Casimir effect and vacuum energy

Vacuum fluctuations have observable consequences, like the Casimir force appearing between two mirrors in vacuum. This force is now measured with good accuracy and agreement with theory. We discuss

The Casimir force between real mirrors at non zero temperature

The Casimir force between dissipative metallic mirrors at non zero temperature has recently given rise to contradictory claims which have raised doubts about the theoretical expression of the force.

Casimir Effect in the Scattering Approach: Correlations Between Material Properties, Temperature and Geometry

We present calculations of the quantum and thermal Casimir interaction between real mirrors in electromagnetic fields using the scattering approach. We begin with a pedagogical introduction of this

Recent Experiments on the Casimir Effect: Description and Analysis

document Recent Experiments on the Casimir Effect: Description and Analysis Astrid Lambrecht Serge Reynaud reynaud@spectro.jussieu.fr www.spectro.jussieu.fr/Vacuum Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, case

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Preface by editors. 1 The Higgs mechanism and the origin of mass (A. Djouadi). 2 Testing basic laws of gravitation (C. Lammerzahl). 3 Mass metrology and the International System of units (R.S.

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We discuss some effects induced by quantum field fluctuations on mass, inertia, and gravitation. Recalling the problem raised by vacuum field fluctuations with respect to inertia and gravitation, we

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Unbestimmtheitsprinzip und Komplementaritat 2. Die letzte entscheidende Wendung der Quantentheorie ist erfolgt durch De Broglies Entdeckung der Materiewellen 3, Heisenbergs Auffindung der

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1 Introduction.- 2 Phenomenological Description of Non-Newtonian Gravity.- 3 Searches for Composition-Independent Effects.- 4 Searches for Composition-Dependent Effects.- 5 Gravitational Properties

Casimir force between partially transmitting mirrors

The Casimir force can be understood as resulting from the radiation pressure exerted by the vacuum fluctuations reflected by boundaries. We extend this local formulation to the case of partially