Casimir Effect at Finite Temperature in the Presence of One Fractal Extra Compactified Dimension

  title={Casimir Effect at Finite Temperature in the Presence of One Fractal Extra Compactified Dimension},
  author={Hongbo Cheng},
  journal={Communications in Theoretical Physics},
  • Hongbo Cheng
  • Published 6 September 2011
  • Physics
  • Communications in Theoretical Physics
We discuss the Casimir effect for massless scalar fields subject to the Dirichlet boundary conditions on the parallel plates at finite temperature in the presence of one fractal extra compactified dimension. We obtain the Casimir energy density with the help of the regularization of multiple zeta function with one arbitrary exponent and further the renormalized Casimir energy density involving the thermal corrections. It is found that when the temperature is sufficiently high, the sign of the… 
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