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Casein Protein Supplementation in Trained Men and Women: Morning versus Evening

  title={Casein Protein Supplementation in Trained Men and Women: Morning versus Evening},
  author={J. Antonio and Anya Ellerbroek and C. Peacock and T. Silver},
  journal={International Journal of Exercise Science},
  pages={479 - 486}
The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of casein supplementation (54 grams) in the morning (Casein-MOR) or evening (Casein-EVE) (90 minutes or less prior to sleep) on measures of body composition and exercise performance in trained men and women. Twenty-six healthy men and women who had been training regularly for greater than 12 months completed this 8-week study (mean±SD; Casein-MOR group [n=14, seven male, seven female]: 30.0±8.2 yr; 170.7±9.5 cm; 70.9±13.9 kg. Casein… Expand
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