Case report: MRI in the diagnosis of testicular Leydig cell tumour.


We report the appearance of three cases of Leydig cell tumours on MRI. This imaging method showed well-defined and peripheral intratesticular tumours displaying marked and homogeneous enhancement when contrast medium was used. This latter finding was only observed in Leydig cell tumours when they were compared in a series of 104 patients with different scrotal pathologies.

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@article{Fernndez2004CaseRM, title={Case report: MRI in the diagnosis of testicular Leydig cell tumour.}, author={Gabriel Fern{\`a}ndez and Francisco M Tard{\'a}guila and Catalina Rivas and Charmaine Trinidad and D Pesqueira and Eduardo Zungri and Pilar Sierra San Miguel}, journal={The British journal of radiology}, year={2004}, volume={77 918}, pages={521-4} }