Case report 243


Fig. 1 A, B A A lateral roentgenogram of the distal half of the right femur shows a dense, septated lesion at least 4 cm in length expanding the cortical outline of the posterolateral surface of the diaphysis of the femur just below its middle third. A number of small spheroid and linear lucencies are noted to be present within the lesion B A lateral tomogram of the mid shaft of the right femur at the site of the lesion described in A confirms the presence of a dense, septated, bony mass involving the posterolateral surface of the diaphysis just below the middle third of the femoral shaft. The irregular areas of radiolucency, the bony septation and the fusiform cortical thickening noted in A are identified more clearly than in the plain film

DOI: 10.1007/BF00357778

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