Case of Spontaneous Salivation

  • Simon Flood
  • Published 2016 in The Indian medical gazette


a disagreeable brassy tyiste in his mouth, and loss of appetite. His general health appeared good. His skin was cool. Tongue clean, swollen, and marked by the indentations of his teeth, "which "were all sound. Gums swollen and spongy. Complains of a very disagreeable brassy taste in his mouth, and of fcetor in his breath. Moderate salivation. No tenderness of the salivary glands. No symptoms nor history of scurvy ; appetite bad ; these symptoms commenced about a month ago, without any apparent cause. On the 15th March he complained of severe pain (aggravated at night) over the entire head. This I attributed at the time to a venereal origin, as he had previously, in 1862, suffered from a similar pain in connexion with well marked syphilitic symptoms, and accordingly I put him on iodide of potassium. After would be difficult to say how far the salivation was spontaneocs, or how much it depended on the use of this medicine.

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