Case of Rock Burst Danger and Its Prediction and Prevention in Tunneling and Mining Period at an Irregular Coal Face

  title={Case of Rock Burst Danger and Its Prediction and Prevention in Tunneling and Mining Period at an Irregular Coal Face},
  author={Shitan Gu and W. Zhang and B. Jiang and Cheng-Chun Hu},
  journal={Geotechnical and Geological Engineering},
AbstractIrregular coal faces, ineluctable in coal mines within the eastern mining area in China owing to its complex geological condition, face higher rock burst danger because of their high-stress concentration and complicated spatial structure. Considering geological characteristics, rock burst liability and in situ stress in the 3303 irregular coal face at the Yangcheng coal mine, rock burst danger during tunneling and mining was analyzed to select targeted mitigation measures. The results… Expand
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