Case-control vaccine effectiveness studies: Data collection, analysis and reporting results.

  title={Case-control vaccine effectiveness studies: Data collection, analysis and reporting results.},
  author={Jennifer R Verani and Abdullah Hel Baqui and Claire V. Broome and T Meenu Cherian and Cheryl Cohen and Jennifer Loo Farrar and Daniel R Feikin and Michelle J. Groome and Rana A. Hajjeh and Hope L. Johnson and Shabir A Madhi and Kim E Mulholland and Katherine L. O'Brien and Umesh Parashar and Manish M. Patel and Laura C. Rodrigues and Mathuram Santosham and J Anthony G Scott and Peter G Smith and Halvor Sommerfelt and Jacqueline E. Tate and John C Victor and Cynthia G. Whitney and Anita K. M. Zaidi and Elizabeth R. Zell},
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The case-control methodology is frequently used to evaluate vaccine effectiveness post-licensure. The results of such studies provide important insight into the level of protection afforded by vaccines in a 'real world' context, and are commonly used to guide vaccine policy decisions. However, the potential for bias and confounding are important limitations to this method, and the results of a poorly conducted or incorrectly interpreted case-control study can mislead policies. In 2012, a group… CONTINUE READING