Case Report: Posterior Perforation of Gastric Ulcer

  title={Case Report: Posterior Perforation of Gastric Ulcer},
  author={Chin-Ho Wong and Pierce Kah Hoe Chow},
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Patients with an anteriorly perforated peptic ulcer present with an acute onset of severe abdominal pain and exhibit signs of peritonism at presentation. Diagnosis of an acute abdomen can often be made on clinical grounds and an emergency operation performed. Posterior perforation of gastric ulcer is a unique category of peptic ulcer perforations with a distinct clinical presentation (1). While it is rare, awarencess of this surgical emergency is important, as this condition is associated with… 


Perforation of peptic ulcer; a roentgenologic consideration of the various forms and uncommon types of perforation.
Perforations complicating peptic ulcer are of common occurrence, and the vast majority of recognized perforations are of the diffuse, spreading type, involving the greater peritoneal cavity.
Postbulbar ulcer with retrocecal abscess. A case report.
This is the case report of a perforated postbulbar ulcer which presented as a retroperitoneal retrocecal abscess.
The features of perforated peptic ulcers in conventional computed tomography.
Conventional CT was valuable in the diagnosis of perforated peptic ulcer, and pneumoperitoneum was the most common feature, however the ability of conventional CT in localizing the site of perForation was poor.
Retroperitoneal extravasation from perforated duodenal ulcer
[Retroperitoneal perforation of the duodenal ulcer].
Perforated posterior duodenal ulcer: Case report and literature review
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