Case Report: Macrodystrophia lipomatosa – Illustration of two cases

  title={Case Report: Macrodystrophia lipomatosa – Illustration of two cases},
  author={Veenu Singla and Vivek Virmani and Puneet Tuli and Paramjeet Singh and Niranjan Khandelwal},
  booktitle={The Indian journal of radiology & imaging},
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa is a rare cause of congenital macrodactyly, characterized by progressive proliferation of all mesenchymal elements, with a disproportionate increase in fibroadipose tissue. This developmental anomaly is reportedly more common in the foot than in the hand, with a predilection for the plantar and median nerve distribution. We present two cases of MDL of the hand, one of which had an unusual nerve territory distribution, making clinical diagnosis difficult. Preoperative… CONTINUE READING

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