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Case-Based Structural Design - Using Weakly Structured Product and Process Information

  title={Case-Based Structural Design - Using Weakly Structured Product and Process Information},
  author={Peter Johansson},
Empirical knowledge plays a significant role in the human reasoning process. Previous experiences help in understanding new situations and in finding solutions to new problems. Experience is used when performing different tasks, both those of routine character and those that require specific skill. This is also the case for structural designers. Over 50% of the work done by the designer on a day-to-day basis is routine design that consists of modifying past designs (Moore 1993). That is, most… Expand
Case-based Design Using Weakly Structured Information
Theme : Title : An Integrated Platform for Case-based Design
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  • N. Nawari
  • Computer Science
  • J. Inf. Technol. Constr.
  • 2010
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