Case-Based Reasoning Technology: From Foundations to Applications

  title={Case-Based Reasoning Technology: From Foundations to Applications},
  author={Mario Lenz and Hans-Dieter Burkhard and Brigitte Bartsch-Sp{\"o}rl and Stefan Wess},
  journal={Case-Based Reasoning Technology},
Extending some Concepts of CBR - Foundations of Case Retrieval Nets.- Diagnosis and Decision Support.- Intelligent Sales Support with CBR.- Textual CBR.- Using Configuration Techniques for Adaptation.- CBR Applied to Planning.- CBR for Design.- CBR for Experimental Software Engineering.- CBR for Tutoring and Help Systems.- CBR in Medicine.- Methodology for Building CBR Applications.- Related Areas. 

Case-Based Reasoning Support for Online Catalog Sales

The paper considers how CBR techniques can be applied to e-commerce applications to enable intelligent sales support and reviews the limitations of ordinary databases to this task and examinesCBR techniques that can improve the usefulness of electronic catalogs.

Handbook on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering # . Case-Based Reasoning

This chapter presents the main characteristics of CBR technology, describe the main CBR subtasks and methods, and the main underlying principles, and briefly present methodologies for developing and evaluating CBR systems.

Case-Based Reasoning Introduction and Recent Developments

This paper gives a compact overview of CBR in general and further discusses recent advancements in selected topics.

CBR-Works A State-of-the-Art Shell for Case-Based Application Building

CBR-Works provides support for the design process of a Case-Based application as well as for maintenance and retrieval, and provides the ability to reuse existing data from common database systems.

Case-based reasoning for medical knowledge-based systems.

The appropriateness of CBR for medical knowledge-based systems is discussed, problems, limitations and possibilities how they can partly be overcome are pointed out, and some systems have been developed which use only parts of the CBR method.

Case Based Reasoning Technology for Medical Diagnosis

The CBR methodology, the research issues and technical aspects of implementing intelligent medical diagnoses systems, and successful applications in cancer and heart diseases developed by Medical Informatics Research Group at Ain Shams University are discussed.

The working principle, application and current study of CBR

The working principle, application and technology of case based reasoning (CBR) are presented first and the reasons of why CBR systems are superior to rule based reasoning systems are also given.

Utility-Oriented Matching: A New Research Direction for Case-Based Reasoning

This paper wants to extend the traditional view of CBR to overcome its former limitations, to open new fields of research, and toopen new application areas by generalizing the classical similarity measure to a utility measure that does not depend on problem descriptions taken from experience any more.

An Integrated Knowledge Adaption Framework for Case-Based Reasoning Systems

An integrated knowledge adaption framework for CBR systems which contains a meta database component and a maintenance strategies component is proposed which can help track changes of interested concepts and enable a CBR system to signal a need for maintenance or to invoke ada adaptation on its own.

Case-Based Reasoning: Survey and Future Directions

The main part introduces and reviews the most important sub-fields of CBR: theoretical foundations, CBR for document retrieval, product selection, help-desk support, diagnosis, configuration, planning, and design.