Cascading RG Flows from New Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds

  title={Cascading RG Flows from New Sasaki-Einstein Manifolds},
  author={Christopher P. Herzog and Qudsia J. Ejaz and Igor R. Klebanov},
In important recent developments, new Sasaki-Einstein spaces Y p,q and conformal gauge theories dual to AdS5 × Y p,q have been constructed. We consider a stack of N D3-branes and M wrapped D5-branes at the apex of a cone over Y . Replacing the D-branes by their fluxes, we construct asymptotic solutions for all p and q in the form of warped products of the cone and R. We show that they describe cascading RG flows where N decreases logarithmically with the scale. The warp factor, which we… CONTINUE READING

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