• Physics
  • Published 1975

Cascades in the twelve-foot bubble chamber

  title={Cascades in the twelve-foot bubble chamber},
  author={Wj Morris and Baek Yul Oh and Donald Lester Parker and G. A. Smith and Juliana Whitmore and Steven L. Kramer and Edmond Louis Berger},
The results of K$sup -$p interactions at 6.5 GeV/c are reported including cross sections for bubble chamber systematics, partial data on $Omega$$sup -$ production, prospects for a high statistics $Omega$$sup -$ experiment, and preliminary data on the dynamics of K/sub S/$sup 0$, $lambda$$sup 0$, $Sigma$$sup +$, $Sigma$$sup -$, $Xi$$sup -$ production and the $Xi$$pi$$pi$ mass spectrum. (JFP)