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Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with PWM Control Method

  title={Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with PWM Control Method},
  author={Chamala Venkateswarlu and B. Tech},
A hybrid cascaded multilevel inverter with PWM method is presented in this paper. It consists of a standard 3-leg inverter (one leg for each phase) and H- bridge in series with each inverter leg. It can use only a single DC power source to supply a standard 3-leg inverter along with three full H-bridges supplied by capacitors. Multilevel carrier- based PWM method is used to produce a five-level phase voltage. The inverter can be used in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV… 
Simulation Development of Carrier based Pulse Width Modulation for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
Matlab simulink of CMLI using Carrier Based Pulse Width Modulation techniques is developed to get optimum design and performances, and a simulation result shows that the system is easy and modular to adjust, and optimum performances can improve.
Design and Simulation of two Stages Single Phase PV Inverter operating in Standalone Mode without Batteries
This paper presents the complete design and simulation of transformer-less single phase PV inverter for converting the energy extracted by the PV arrays to AC power to be used in stand alone
Hardware implementation of single phase three-level cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter using sinusoidal pulse width modulation
In this paper a hardware implementation of single-phase cascaded H-bridge three level multilevel inverter (MLI) using sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) is presented. There are a few


A Five-Level Three-Phase Hybrid Cascade Multilevel Inverter Using a Single DC Source for a PM Synchronous Motor Drive
It is shown that one can simultaneously maintain the regulation of the capacitor voltage while achieving an output voltage waveform which is 25% higher than that obtained using a standard 3-leg inverter by itself.
Inductorless DC-AC Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Boost Inverter for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle Applications
Experiments show that the proposed inductorless DC-AC cascaded H-bridge multilevel boost inverter can output a boosted AC voltage.
Multilevel converters for large electric drives
  • L. Tolbert, F. Peng
  • Engineering
    APEC '98 Thirteenth Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition
  • 1998
Traditional two-level high-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) inverters for motor drives have several problems associated with their high frequency switching which produces common-mode voltage
Multilevel inverters: a survey of topologies, controls, and applications
The most important topologies like diode-clamped inverter (neutral-point clamped), capacitor-Clamped (flying capacitor), and cascaded multicell with separate DC sources are presented and the circuit topology options are presented.
Multilevel converters-a new breed of power converters
  • J. Lai, F. Peng
  • Engineering
    IAS '95. Conference Record of the 1995 IEEE Industry Applications Conference Thirtieth IAS Annual Meeting
  • 1995
This paper presents three multilevel voltage source converters: (1) diode-clamp, (2) flying-capacitors, and (3) cascaded-inverters with separate DC sources.
PSIM and SIMULINK Co-simulation for Three-level Adjustable Speed Drive Systems
The dynamic behavior of the three-level ASD can be easily studied, which reduces the cost and improves efficiency at the same time compared to hardware investments, and may help to realize the optimal design of the ASD in practice.
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    A new control method for single-DC-source cascaded H-Bridge multilevel converters using phase-shift modulation
    • IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference