Cascade-mediated binding and bending of negatively supercoiled DNA.

  title={Cascade-mediated binding and bending of negatively supercoiled DNA.},
  author={Edze R Westra and Benedikt S Nilges and Paul B G van Erp and John van der Oost and Remus T Dame and Stan J J Brouns},
  journal={RNA biology},
  volume={9 9},
Prokaryotes possess various defense mechanisms against invading DNA. Adaptive defense by CRISPR/Cas relies on incorporation of invader DNA sequences in the host genome. In Escherichia coli, processed transcripts of these incorporated sequences (crRNAs) guide Cascade-mediated invader DNA recognition. ( 1) (-) ( 4) Cascade is a multisubunit ribonucleoprotein complex, consisting of one crRNA and five proteins: Cse1, Cse2, Cas7, Cas5 and Cas6e. ( 1) (, ) ( 2) Cascade-mediated DNA recognition… CONTINUE READING