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Caryophyllaeid cestodes from two species of redhorse (Moxostoma).

  title={Caryophyllaeid cestodes from two species of redhorse (Moxostoma).},
  author={L. Fredrickson and M. J. Ulmer},
Two caryophyllaeid tapeworms, lsoglaridacris longus sp. n., and I. folius sp. n., are described from two species of redhorse, name:\)', Moxostoma macolepidotum and M. erythrurum, respectively. Members of the genus lsoglaridacris appear to be host specific, since the two species mentioned in this study occur in different fish hosts collected from the same rivers. Both I. wngus and I. folius appear to exhibit seasonal periodicity, the smallest populations occurring in late summer. Their presence… Expand
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