Cartilage proteoglycans from normal and osteochondrotic porcine joints.

  title={Cartilage proteoglycans from normal and osteochondrotic porcine joints.},
  author={Takuo Nakano and Jeffrey R. Thompson and Frank Xavier Aherne},
  journal={Canadian journal of comparative medicine : Revue canadienne de medecine comparee},
  volume={49 2},
Modern pigs grow fast but are highly susceptible to degenerative joint abnormalities, including osteochondrosis. Normal and osteochondrotic humeri and femurs were obtained from five normal and ten lame adolescent boars to study cartilage proteoglycans. Histological examination of joints indicated a locally-reduced intensity of proteoglycan staining by safranin-O in lesion areas of cartilage. Cartilage proteoglycans extracted with 4.0 M guanidinium chloride were studied using Sepharose 2B gel… CONTINUE READING