Carrot Dehydration—Optimization Process Studies on the Explosion‐Puffing Process

  title={Carrot Dehydration—Optimization Process Studies on the Explosion‐Puffing Process},
  author={John F. Sullivan and Richard P. Konstance and E. S. Della Monica and W. K. Heiland and James C. Craig},
  journal={Journal of Food Science},
A carrot dehydration process that includes the unique continuous explosion-puffing system (CEPS) is described. A drying study included moisture distribution throughout a two-stage pilot scale dryer as well as bed temperature during first stage drying. Shrinkage losses of carrots by two dehydration methods were investigated, and volume differences were obtained. Measurements of dried carrot properties such as bulk density, color, nonenzymatic browning, rehydration, and disintegration were used… Expand
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