Carrageenans in the gametophytic and sporophytic stages of Chondrus crispus

  title={Carrageenans in the gametophytic and sporophytic stages of Chondrus crispus},
  author={E. L. McCandless and J. S. Craigie and John A. Walter},
The morphologically similar sporophytic and gametophytic plants of Chondrus crispus Stackhouse were examined and it was shown that the former contain λ-carrageenan. The gametophytes contain ϰ- and two additional carrageenans which are KCl-soluble and may comprise up to 25% of the total carrageenan. After alkaline modification, these KCl-soluble components were separated into a gel and a soluble carrageenan. The gel was indistinguishable from ϰ-carrageenan and presumably was derived from… CONTINUE READING


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