Carp hemoglobin. V. Effects of pH and P6-inositol on autooxidation.

  title={Carp hemoglobin. V. Effects of pH and P6-inositol on autooxidation.},
  author={Kevin H. Mayo and James C. W. Chien},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={581 1},
Autooxidation of carp hemoglobin has been measured from 4--25 degrees C with and without P6-inositol. The rate was accelerated by the increase of proton concentration and/or the addition of P6-inositol. As the rate increases the kinetics become more complex. In acidic media with P6-inositol, the autooxidation is initially rapid which becomes slower subsequently but eventually proceeds very fast. The activation energy for autooxidation is about 19 kcal. mol-1. The complicated kinetics are partly… CONTINUE READING