Carotid sinus pressure changes during push-pull maneuvers.

  title={Carotid sinus pressure changes during push-pull maneuvers.},
  author={Len S Goodman and Liza Grosman-Rimon and Romuald Szymon Mikuliszyn},
  journal={Aviation, space, and environmental medicine},
  volume={77 9},
INTRODUCTION The push-pull maneuver (PPM) is defined as a reduction in G-tolerance when positive acceleration (+Gz) immediately follows negative acceleration (-Gz) exposure, with the carotid baroreceptors presumably playing a dominant role in the ensuing BP (SBP) responses. The objective of this study was to determine whether application of neck pressure (NP) during the preceding -Gz phase maintains +Gz tolerance during subsequent +Gz. METHODS There were 10 experienced men who were exposed to… CONTINUE READING