Carotid blood flow in anesthetized rats: effects of carotid ligation and anastomosis.

  title={Carotid blood flow in anesthetized rats: effects of carotid ligation and anastomosis.},
  author={{\'A}ngel Luis Garc{\'i}a-Villal{\'o}n and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Roda and Francisco Espin Alvarez and Bernardino G{\'o}mez and Godofredo Di{\'e}guez},
  volume={13 5},
An experimental model was developed for continuous measurement of the common carotid blood flow, in the anesthetized rat, with an electromagnetic flowmeter. The mean carotid blood flow for 41 rats averaged 3.2 +/- 0.2 ml/min at an average mean arterial pressure of 101 +/- 2.5 mm Hg and arterial pO2 of 106 +/- 3.4 mm Hg, pCO2 of 38 +/- 1.2 mm Hg, and pH of 7.36 +/- 0.02. This model allowed short- and long-term carotid hemodynamic changes to be recorded after contralateral carotid ligation or end… CONTINUE READING

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