Carotid atherosclerosis and ischemic stroke in young patients.

  title={Carotid atherosclerosis and ischemic stroke in young patients.},
  author={Ugo Oliviero and Giuseppe Orefice and Giuseppe Coppola and Giovanna Scherillo and Serena Ascione and Cosma Casaburi and Franco Barbieri and Luigi Sacc{\'a}},
  journal={International angiology : a journal of the International Union of Angiology},
  volume={21 2},
BACKGROUND Epidemiological studies indicate a high prevalence of carotid atherosclerosis in elderly patients with ischemic stroke. The aim of this study was to investigate the presence of early carotid atherosclerotic lesions in young subjects with ischemic stroke, in the absence of the common atherosclerotic risk factors. METHODS We studied 98 young patients with first ischemic stroke (54 males and 44 females; mean age 41.2 years; range 32-50) and 96 healthy controls. All subjects underwent… CONTINUE READING