Carotid Bulb Webs as a Cause of "Cryptogenic" Ischemic Stroke.

  title={Carotid Bulb Webs as a Cause of "Cryptogenic" Ischemic Stroke.},
  author={P I Sajedi and J N Gonzalez and C A Cronin and T Kouo and A Steven and Jiachen Zhuo and O Thompson and R Castellani and S J Kittner and D Gandhi and P Raghavan},
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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Carotid webs are intraluminal shelf-like filling defects at the carotid bulb with recently recognized implications in patients with recurrent ischemic stroke. We sought to determine whether carotid webs are an under-recognized cause of "cryptogenic" ischemic stroke and to estimate their prevalence in the general population. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective review of neck CTA studies in young patients with cryptogenic stroke over the past 6 years (n = 33) was… CONTINUE READING