Carnivorous pitcher plant uses free radicals in the digestion of prey.

  title={Carnivorous pitcher plant uses free radicals in the digestion of prey.},
  author={Tet Fatt Chia and Hnin Hnin Aung and Anatoly N. Osipov and Ngoh Khang Goh and Lian Sai Chia},
  journal={Redox report : communications in free radical research},
  volume={9 5},
A study of the involvement of free oxygen radicals in trapping and digestion of insects by carnivorous plants was the main goal of the present investigation. We showed that the generation of oxygen free radicals by pitcher fluid of Nepenthes is the first step of the digestion process, as seen by EPR spin trapping assay and gel-electrophoresis. The EPR spectrum of N. gracilis fluid in the presence of DMPO spin trap showed the superposition of the hydroxyl radical spin adduct signal and of the… CONTINUE READING


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