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Carnival of longing

  title={Carnival of longing},
  author={Kristjana Gunnars},
‘I have heard of the end of writing’: Kristjana Gunnars and Roland Barthes/‘J’ai entendu parler de la fin de l’écriture’: Kristjana Gunnars et Roland Barthes
Abstract:The work of Icelandic-Canadian writer Kristjana Gunnars crosses genres and confuses the boundaries between fiction, poetry, biography, essay, and theory. This article addresses herExpand
Western Icelandic Women Writers: Their Contribution to the Literary Canon
Guomundur Finnbogason's anthology Vestem um hafy published as a gesture of friendship to American-Icelandic visitors at the millennial celebration of the Aljpingi in 1930. Although the book has doneExpand