Carnitine balance in hemodialyzed patients.

  title={Carnitine balance in hemodialyzed patients.},
  author={G Mingardi and Adalgisa Bizzi and Marco Cini and R Licini and Giuliano Mecca and Silvio Garattini},
  journal={Clinical nephrology},
  volume={13 6},
1-Carnitine was assayed before and after dialysis in plasma, dialyzate and muscle of four patients undergoing hemodialysis. The findings suggest that plasma carnitine losses occurring during hemodialysis may be at the expense of the carnitine present in extracellular fluid. Carnitine concentrations in muscle of hemodialyzed patients and controls did not differ significantly. Chronic carnitine administration did prevent plasma carnitine from falling below base levels, but did not affect muscle… CONTINUE READING

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