Carnitine and acylcarnitines in semen from azoospermic patients.

  title={Carnitine and acylcarnitines in semen from azoospermic patients.},
  author={Lawrence M Lewin and D P Shalev and Ruth Weissenberg and Yigal Soffer},
  journal={Fertility and sterility},
  volume={36 2},
Carnitine and its short-chain acyl esters were assayed in semen from normospermic and azoospermic men. Extremely low concentrations of free carnitine and acylcarnitine were found in semen from patients with obstructive azoospermia where the ejaculate was primarily of prostatis origin, and low values were also obtained in obstruction of the vas deferens, where the epididymal contents were not ejaculated. Semen from patients whose azoospermia was caused by testicular dysfunction had low… CONTINUE READING

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