Carlos Drummond de Andrade em paisagens literárias africanas

  title={Carlos Drummond de Andrade em paisagens liter{\'a}rias africanas},
  author={Carlos Drummond de Andrade},
thiS ESSAy cOMMEntS On thE PRESEncE OF bRAziliAn litERAtURE in PORtUgUESE- SPEAking AFRicA tO highlight thE iMPORtAncE OF cARlOS dRUMMOnd dE AndRAdE'S PO- EtRy, which ARRivES in thE cOntinEnt AlOng with OthER bRAziliAn MOdERniSt POEtS. wE intEnd tO cOnSidER thAt dRUMMOnd'S POEtRy in thE AFRicAn litERARy lAndScAPES hAS hElPEd FOMEnt RElEvAnt litERARy PROJEctS, PREviOUS tO thE 1975'S, REMAining An iMPOR- tAnt REFEREncE tO thE litERAtURE PROdUcEd AFtER thE indEPEndEncE OF thESE AFRicAn PORtUgUESE… CONTINUE READING