Carl Friedrich Gauss Werke

  title={Carl Friedrich Gauss Werke},
  author={Carl Friedrich Gauss and Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu G{\"o}ttingen},
High-Order Accurate Methods for the Numerical Analysis of a Levitation Device
This paper establishes different axisymmetric and two-dimensional models for a levitation device. Therein, the Maxwell equations are combined with the balance of linear momentum. Different possible
On the youthful writings of Louis J. Mordell on the Diophantine equation $$y^2-k=x^3$$
This article examines the research of Louis J. Mordell on the Diophantine equation $$y^2-k=x^3$$ as it appeared in one of his first papers, published in 1914. After presenting a number of elements
Electromagnetic Analysis Using High-Order Numerical Schemes in Space and Time
The current paper establishes different axisymmetric and two-dimensional models for an electrostatic, magnetostatic and electromagnetic induction process and introduces the residual error to open an alternative way for a numerically efficient estimation of the time integration accuracy of the Galerkin time integration method.
Wilhelm Foerster's Role in the Metre Convention of 1875 and in the Early Years of the International Committee for Weights and Measures
The Metre Convention was signed on May 20, 1875 with the mission “to assure the international unification and perfection of the metric system” (today the International System of Units SI). The
Ludvig Lorenz and His Non-Maxwellian Electrical Theory of Light
  • H. Kragh
  • Physics
    Physics in Perspective
  • 2018
Maxwell’s celebrated electromagnetic theory of light dates from 1865. Two years later, without appealing to the ether as a carrier of light waves, the Danish physicist Ludvig Lorenz (1829–1891)
The Borwein brothers, Pi and the AGM.
It is shown that an iteration of the Borwein-Borwein quartic algorithm for $pi$ is equivalent to two iterations of the Gauss-Legendre quadratic algorithm for $\pi$, in the sense that they produce exactly the same sequence of approximations to $\pi$ if performed using exact arithmetic.
Insights into Dedekind and Weber’s edition of Riemann’s Gesammelte Werke
In this paper, I present and analyse Dedekind’s and Weber’s editorial work which led to the edition of Riemann’s Gesammelte Werke in 1876. With several examples, I suggest that this editorial work is
Rediscovery of Malmsten’s integrals, their evaluation by contour integration methods and some related results
This article is devoted to a family of logarithmic integrals recently treated in mathematical literature, as well as to some closely related results. First, it is shown that the problem is much older


Intensitas vis magneticae terrestris ad mensuram absolutam revocata
Ad determinationem completam vis magneticae telluris in loco dato tria elementa requiruntur: declinatio seu angulus inter planum in quo agit atque planum meridianum; inclinatio directionis ad planum
Resultate aus den Beobachtungen des magnetischen Vereins
Resultate aus den Beobachtungen des magnetischen Vereins im Jahre 1836. Herausgegeben von Carl Friedrich Gauss und Wilhelm Weber. Gottingen 1837. Im Verlage der Dieterichschen Buchhandlung. (124
Ueber die Deformationen einer biegsamen unausdehnbaren Fläche.
Im XXII. Bande der Abhandlungen der Royal Irish Academy (1853) hat Jellet die schöne Bemerkung ausgesprochen, dass eine biegsame und unausdehnbare Oberfläche von überall positivem Krümmungsmass nicht
Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik
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