Caridina nilotica in Lake Victoria: abundance, biomass, and diel vertical migration

  title={Caridina nilotica in Lake Victoria: abundance, biomass, and diel vertical migration},
  author={John T. Lehman and Godfrey B. Mbahinzireki and Lucas Mwebaza-Ndawula},
Caridina nilotica (Decapoda: Atyidae) in offshore waters of Lake Victoria were investigated with both day and night sampling over a period of two years. Offshore populations are mainly planktonic rather than benthic, and the animals exhibit diel vertical migrations into near-surface waters at night. These changes in diel abundance as well as the size-frequency distribution of the migrating shrimp suggest that the migratory behavior is in response to visual planktivory, because only the very… CONTINUE READING


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