Carex poculisquama Kük. (Cyperaceae) and its distribution in Korea

  title={Carex poculisquama K{\"u}k. (Cyperaceae) and its distribution in Korea},
  author={Jeong-Ki Hong and Sun-Yu Kim and Jin-Seok Kim and Gi-Heum Nam and Jung-Hyun Kim},
Carex poculisquama Kuk., recorded only in the literature in Korea, was confirmed to be distributed in limestone zones in the country. Carex poculisquama is most similar to species in the section Occlusae, such as C. ligulata Nees, but it differs in its rhombic-elliptic perigynium and by the presence of short hairs on the veins of its utricles. We provide here a description, illustrations, and photographs of C. poculisquama and a key to the species. Kewwords: Carex poculisquama, sect. Occlusae… Expand
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