Caregiver's distress is associated with delusions in Alzheimer's patients.

  title={Caregiver's distress is associated with delusions in Alzheimer's patients.},
  author={Roberta Riello and Cristina Geroldi and Orazio Zanetti and Giovanni B. Frisoni},
  journal={Behavioral medicine},
  volume={28 3},
Behavioral disturbances in Alzheimer's (AD) patients might be caused by environmental factors. The authors tested the hypothesis that delusions in AD might be a result of caregiver's distress. Participants were 22 delusional and 21 nondelusional mild AD patients and their caregivers. Those who cared for nondelusional patients, compared with the delusional patients' caregivers, reported higher levels of distress because of behavioral disturbances other than delusions. When patients were… CONTINUE READING

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