[Cardiovascular risk factors and restenosis after PTCA].


We prospectively investigated the influence of the cardiovascular risk factors hypercholesterolemia, smoking, diabetes mellitus, and arterial hypertension on the occurrence and extent of restenosis after successful coronary dilatation (PTCA). Of the 103 patients included in the study, control coronary angiography was obtained in 75 (73%) after 173 +/- 117… (More)


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@article{Terres1992CardiovascularRF, title={[Cardiovascular risk factors and restenosis after PTCA].}, author={Wolfram Terres and C. W. Hamm and A Ruchelka and A E Weilepp and W. Kupper}, journal={Zeitschrift fur Kardiologie}, year={1992}, volume={81 3}, pages={164-9} }