Cardiovascular responses to elevation of intra-abdominal hydrostatic pressure.

  title={Cardiovascular responses to elevation of intra-abdominal hydrostatic pressure.},
  author={G. E. Barnes and Glen A. Laine and P Y Giam and E E Smith and Harris J. Granger},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={248 2 Pt 2},
Intra-abdominal fluid volume and hydrostatic pressure were elevated by positive pressure infusion of Tyrode solution into the peritoneal cavity of anesthetized dogs. The compliance of the peritoneal cavity fell from 10.8 to 0.56 ml X mmHg-1 X kg-1 of body wt as intra-abdominal pressure increased from 0 to 40 mmHg. Intrathoracic pressure also increased as elevated peritoneal pressure caused diaphragmatic bulging. Cardiac output and stroke volume were reduced by 36% after an intra-abdominal… CONTINUE READING
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