Cardiovascular regulation of supraoptic vasopressin neurons.

  title={Cardiovascular regulation of supraoptic vasopressin neurons.},
  author={John T Cunningham and Stacy B Bruno and Regina R Grindstaff and Ryan J Grindstaff and Karen H R Higgs and Danilo Mazzella and Margaret J Sullivan},
  journal={Progress in brain research},
A number of laboratories have identified several key areas in the central nervous system that relay information from arterial baroreceptors to the supraoptic nucleus. Two of these regions are the diagonal band of Broca and the perinuclear zone of the supraoptic nucleus. Recent findings suggest that the inhibition of vasopressin neurons in the SON by caval-atrial stretch may also involve the perinuclear zone. Using Fos immunocytochemistry in combination with volume expansion in unanesthetized… CONTINUE READING
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