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Cardiovascular effects of 5-hydroxypropranolol (ORF 12592) in dogs.

  title={Cardiovascular effects of 5-hydroxypropranolol (ORF 12592) in dogs.},
  author={N Ram and E W Bauer and U C Hesse and R. D. Heilman},
  journal={Archives internationales de pharmacodynamie et de therapie},
  volume={228 1},
ORF 12592, the 5-hydroxy analog of propranolol, produced reductions in mean arterial pressure, heart rate, cardiac contractility and hind limb perfusion pressure in the anesthetized normotensive dog. Blood pressure and heart rate were also lowered in the carotid-sinus denervated dog. ORF 12592 blocked heart rate and blood pressure responses induced by isoproterenol. Similar results were observed with propranolol administration except for a transient decrease in blood pressure in the… Expand